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Brett Meier
August 19, 2014 | Brett Meier

The Other Bubbly

I have recently become quite the connoisseur for craft beer!  I have come a long way, from my guzzling lower quality brews, of which I won't mention by name, to enjoying the masterpieces of craft brewing such as Phillips Blue Buck, or Parallel 49's Hoparazzi. 

Craft beer has exploded throughout B.C. And with huge supporters and followings. One of recent favourites comes from Surrey, Red Racer. This award winning brewery has out-done themselves on sessionable ales this year with their new Copper Ale, refreshing with just enough hop to keep it interesting with only 23 IBU. 

Another great little find this year was Firehall Brewery from Oliver. In the short time this brewery has been around it has made quite the name for itself, winning Best In Show in the 2013 Fest-Of-Ale for their Holy smoke Stout! Out of the 3 beers on Firehalls current list, my ultimate favourite this far has to be the Stoked Amber, crisp, refreshing and hoped just enough to refrain from overwhelming. 

With fall approaching I am looking forward to what the creative masterminds of these little breweries will come up with! Personally I am a huge fan of the Pumpkin Ale explosion that happened last year, everyone had their own twist on the style. 

The brewing industry is booming, and this is only the start for B.C. I can only imagine and hope what masterpieces will be created in the months to come!


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