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Chloe Therrien
February 22, 2017 | Wine | Chloe Therrien

One of the best wine tours in the Okanagan!

This winery has some naughty and very rich history that is vital to the Okanagans’ prestigious name in the wine world. It all started in the late 1800’s when fur traders and cattlemen traveled through the Okanagan to Summerlands’ original townsite. The founding fathers of Summerland wanted to keep it wholesome and righteous. They even made the young’uns in Sunday school recite “We don’t like tobacco and surely we think, that all those who use it are more apt to drink!”

It wasn’t as easy to get your alcoholic fix as it is today, for some in those days… They had to travel all the way to Vernon’s Hudson’s Bay Co. Store to get any sort of booze! Or get it shipped 50 miles south by boat (usually the S.S Sicamous) which is still stationed in Summerland to this day. This was the main transportation for the booze before the Canadian Pacific Railway was built.

One of the 15 thousand Chinese workers on the CPR wanted more in life than just hard labour. Sam Suey left the CPR work to find fortune, and moved to lower Summerland which is now called Chinamens’ Gulch.  His first business endeavor was a Chinese Laundry of course. Business thrived as the boats arrived with what he needed people in dirty clothes.

Of course the men who were getting their clothes laundered needed some other services as well…and they were willing to pay. So was born the ‘upstairs waiting room’ where men could relax, play cards, drink, and get company from the ladies. The townspeople spoke little about it, but knew what was going on! So they started referring it as the Dirty Laundry… the laundry would get done downstairs, while the dirty was getting done upstairs! 


‘Secret Affair’ 2015 White Blend ~ 13.7% Alc./Vol. ~ $17.35 +T&D

“A very passionate blend” The winery’s best-selling white blend is their juicy little secret they’ve got going on behind closed doors. Crisp green apple developing into peach, pear, and honeydew. Citrus notes on the palate give away to a long mouth watering finish. Pair with: shellfish, Asian cuisine, a summer BBQ or winter roast chicken. 




‘Not So Naughty’ 2015 Chardonnay ~13.2% Alc./Vol. ~ $17.00 +T&D

This femme fatale has a luscious, fruit forward style that is all nouveau monde. Aromas of golden apple, pear, and honey with a lively citrus finish. Perfect with grilled chicken, crab legs, or pan roasted spring salmon.





‘Dangerous Liaisons’ 2015 Red Blend ~14.%Alc./Vol.~ $18.25 +T&D\

‘In these tangled vines, you’re bound to find some pleasure. But was this scandalous tryst worth the risk? You decide…’ A beautifully balanced blend of Merlot, Malbec, and Syrah, she boasts a vibrant indigo colour with intense, sweet spice on the palate balanced by notes of black cherries. Blackberries, and plums. It is smooth, and ripe in the mouth with soft tannins and silky finish. Pair with: Charcuterie, Chili con carne, Spaghetti and meatballs or even lamb curries like Rogan Josh.





‘Hush’ 2015 Rosé ~ 14% Alc./Vol. ~ $17.25 +T&D

‘During the gold rush era, our town’s laundry seemed innocent enough. Little did anyone know of the naughty business that went on behind the scenes. Perhaps it is best that we keep this little known part of Summerland history hush-hush.’ ‘A complicated, evasive woman. This one will keep you guessing. She’s almost all Pinot Noir, or maybe not…”





‘Say Yes’ 2015 Pinot Gris ~ 13.5% Alc./Vol. ~ $17.45 +T&D

‘Inspired by a true love story. Now it’s your turn…Say “Yes” and create your own happy ending’ Let her caress your senses with fresh nectarines & a lively citrus finish. Try her with salmon baked in a dill cream sauce with a hint of lemon.





‘Bordello’ 2011 Red blend ~ 14.2% Alc./Vol.~ $24.00 +T&D

This gal is silky, velvety, full bodied, and rather provocative. She will flirt with you. Seduce you, and make you crave another encounter. An exotic swirl of Cabernet Sauvignon (49.5%), Merlot (49.5%), and Cabernet Franc (1%). 




Hope to see you get your wine fixes @ 30th street, just pretend it’s like you’re adventuring to get it through the beautiful Okanagan to the HBC store just like the good old days!

Xoxox, Chloe


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