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Chloe Therrien
February 28, 2017 | Beer | Chloe Therrien

Introducing one the hottest new brewery/distilleries in B.C!

At BC Brew Co. & Distilling beer is more than a refreshing beverage to enjoy – it’s a way of life!

Founded in 2016 by passionate people, in Kamloops B.C. they take sustainability and the principle of farm-to-table to heart. The brewery is currently being built on the 1st exit to Kamloops on Hook road. They have the biggest hop farm in Canada, a whole 200 acres! They want to use the energy from their mashing plant to heat the brewery once it’s built, which is a huge game changer in the beer industry. It’s such a great way to re-use energy, and lessen the carbon footprint that can normally be huge from the beer process. The next thing on their to-do list is a micro-brewery in Sun Peaks! Eventually, sugar beets will be grown to make rum. The potatoes are locally grown for their farm spiced vodka. The barley for the beer is locally sourced.  



The entire operation has been designed with the customer in mind. The unique beers are made easy to transport in Growler style 1 liter bottles. They are a 100% BC owned and, operated company; all the way down to the people who make the bottles! Dedication to providing unique, superior and sustainable beers that feature only locally-grown ingredients is their motto. Their affiliate companies include the owners-operators of the first large-scale hops farm to come to Canada in over 50 years, and a Canadian brewing supply company that provides large and small brewers from all four corners of the globe with some of the finest beer –making equipment  in the world!



Here at 30th street we have a wicked deal on all three of their flagship brews in 1L Growlers!

$5.50 +taxes and deposit for a limited time!

PILSNER ~ 5.5% ALC. & 11 IBU

Smooth, crisp, refreshing, easy drinking and slightly dry. Light bodied but still full-flavoured that is perfect for any Canadian season. Prepared slowly with the best local hops, it gives the brew a floral hint and the fresh taste that sets us apart from any other pilsner. It’s a great gateway beer that is guaranteed to convert anyone into a local craft beer supporter/enthusiast.


            Sweet notes are provided by honey that comes from local bees. The delicate flavour is balanced by the sharpness of a fine blend of local Chinook, Cascade ,Centennial, and Yakima hops. Resulting in 100% Canadian distinctive flavour.


Traditional cream ale with an extra tangy kick. It blends the citrusy notes of Cascade hops with the biting sharpness of Chinook, and Centennial hops. The result is a great beer that embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.









Come in and get some at this steal of a price before they’re gone!!!

Check back next week for more ‘Boozy T’!


 Chloe xoxox


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