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Chloe Therrien
March 27, 2017 | Beer | Chloe Therrien

Craft Beers, Wild Life.

Fernie Brewing Co. is about as passionate and thirsty for making great beer as you can get. These guys have really taken off in the Okanagan even if they’re seven hours away from us! Located in the Rocky Mountain town of Fernie BC, just off Highway 3 east of the city. They brewery features a Tap Room, and Store alongside their ever-expanding on-site production facility. The character and charm comes from the local beer aficionados and creative-fuelled minds.

There has been so many expiremental brews to come out of this cult favourite nestled in our most famous mountain chain.

30th street liquor store is your one stop shop for Fernie brews!



“Java the Hut” Seasonal Flavoured Coffee Milk Stout ~ $5.50 +T&D   5% Alc.

‘With a unique & rich infusion of coffee, it’s a truly satisfying brew’

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast,  Crowsnest brand Coffee,
* Lactose*, and Chocolate.

IBU: 40 Year: 2016 Availability: January to March

Food Pairings: Think beef stews or the perfect steak pie. Or, in lieu of your coffee.

               The popular and local Crowsnest Coffee Roasters, supplies our blend of coffee and beans for this new FBC brew. They are added to the mash, along with a decadent amount of chocolate, Black Prinz and Roasted Malts. Add some milk, and sugar and you get a stout with amazing flavours and dreamy smoothness. 


“Lone Wolf” India Pale Ale ~ $5.95 +T&D/650ml and $12.45 +T&D/6 pack  6.5% Alc.

‘A true North West IPA, with well-balanced flavour & hoppiness.’

This IPA has four select malts in combination with four classic hops (Cascade, Centennial) & time honored traditional brewing methods including dry hopping, resulting in a golden ale with complexity. A true IPA in every sense.

Awards: Judge’s Choice- 2013 Alberta Beverage Awards

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast.

IBU: 65 Year: 2012 Availability: Year Round brew

Food Pairings: Meat dishes, such as wings or blackened chicken would be nicely complimented by the IPA.


“What the Huck” Huckleberry Flavoured Wheat Ale ~ $2.95 +T&D/500ml can and $5.45 +T&D/650ml bottle   5% Alc.

‘Smooth and creamy, with a touch of huckleberries.’

Native to the Rocky Mountain region, the Huckleberry is prized for its sweetness and deep colour. We’ve blended it with a touch of wheat to create this year round favourite!

Awards: Bronze- 2013 BC Brewing Awards

Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, Malted Wheat, Hops, Yeast, Huckleberry Juice.

IBU: 15 Year: 2008 Availability: Year Round in 650ml

Food Pairings: Wonderful with desserts or lighter fares such as salads or pastas. Fresh cheeses such as goat, mozzarella or gouda pair well with the fruit flavour.


“Quiet Rye’T” Bucket list IPA Series Handcrafted Rye IPA ~ $5.95 +T&D/ 650ml   6.7% Alc.

Third in the series, is an amber coloured Rye IPA, using two rye malts and a variety of hops; including Pacific Jade. Cracked peppercorns are used, to provide a distinctive pepper note.

Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, Hops, Yeast, Rye malts, Cracked peppercorns.

IBU: 75 Year: 2013 Availability: Whilst supplies last.





“Slingshot Session IPA” ~ $11.75 +T&D?/6 cans   4.5% Alc.

This lower alcohol alternative IPA will not disappoint regular IPA imbibers. The selection of traditional and some of the newest available hop cultivars is sure to please any beer drinker.

Their brewmaster has selected Australian Galaxy and North American Mosaic varieties, which provide a citrusy, tropical fruit and some pine flavours and aromas. Resulting in a refreshing, and easy drinking session IPA. Right on target.

Awards: Judge’s Choice IPA – 2016 OFOA and at the 2015 Alberta Beverage Awards.

Food Pairings: Great with summer salads and cheeses.

Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, Hops, Yeast.

                                IBU: 45 Year: 2015 Availability: Year Round


“Project 9” Bavarian Pilsner ~ $11.65 +T&D/ 6 cans   5% Alc.

Brewed right in the Canadian Rockies, Project 9 is a true Bavarian Pilsner with exception continental hop flavour that can only be achieved by a selection of fine noble hops including the Saaz variety. The use of Munich, Pilsner and Pale western Canadian malts and time honored brewing methods produces a clean, crisp Bavarian Pilsner that is truly transcendent.

Awards: People’s Choice Award for Best Beer at the Okanagan Fest of Ale 2014 & Silver at Calgary beer fest!

Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, Malted wheat, hops, Yeast.

IBU: 35 Year: 2014 Availability: Year Round

Food Pairings: Great with spicy foods, or a variety of cheeses.


“Big Caboose” Red Ale ~ $11.75 +T&D/ 6 cans   5% Alc.

An easy drinking red ale, lightly hopped, slightly sweet with a roasted dryness in the finish.

Awards: Gold – 2012 BC Brewing Awards & Bronze – 2013 BC Brewing Awards

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast

IBU: 25 Year: 2011 Availability: Year Round

Food Pairings: Burgers, and Nachos!





“Hop Trick” Mixer Sixer ~ $12.25 +T&D/ 6 cans (2 of each variety)

This 6 pack includes the Slingshot Session IPA,

Lone Wold IPA,

and The Griz Pale Ale!





“The Griz” Pale Ale   5% Alc.

Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, Yeast, and Hops.

IBU: 35 Year: 2002 Availability: Year Round

Food Pairings: The maltiness makes it a great match for foods with a fruity or lemony flavour. Grilled salmon, roasted chicken and turkey are also accented by The Griz.

With a deep amber colourm this bold and refreshing ale blends seven specialty malts. Three hop additions of Perle, Cascase, German Traditional, and Styrian Hops give this ale a distinctive hop aroma and bitterness, classic to the style. Dry hopped for more aroma!




Winter Craft Collection ~ $21.95 +T&D/ 12 cans ( 3 of each type)  5-6.5% Alc.

A seasonal exchange from FBC’s Winter Sampler.

Three cans of each First Trax Brown Ale, The Griz Pale Ale, Lone Wolf IPA and Big Caboose Red Ale.


“First Trax” Brown Ale   5% Alc.

Brewed with eight specialty malts this deep brown ale has a surprisingly smooth mouthfeel. Roasted malts result in a wonderful chocolaty & nutty brew. Refreshing, fulfilling & award winning!

Awards: Bronze Medal – 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards & Judges’ Selection – 2013 Alberta Beverage Awards

Ingredients:  Water, malted barley, hops, yeast.






Check back next week for more ‘boozy t’!!

Love, Chloe xoxox











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