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Chloe Therrien
February 6, 2017 | Beer | Chloe Therrien


You may think that beer and chocolate don’t necessarily go together… But, once you find the perfect craft beer, the two will be an unforgettable experience of love. Just like you and your Valentine. 

Here at 30th Street Liquor Store we are your one stop shop for your craft beer needs. We have wide range of beer types to suit your chocolate palate. The darker your beer, the more likely you will want a lighter, more delicate chocolate to keep your palate harmonious. Unlike wine, the carbonation of beer has a palate cleansing quality. If you choose a bitter beer, it’s a good idea to pair it with a less bitter chocolate as it can easily become overwhelming. One thing to steer clear of while pairing the two is lighter beers; they tend to fall flat when paired with the cocoa butter.


Here’s a guide to what we have in our craft beer section at 30th Street Liquor Store and recommended chocolate pairings;


Cannery Brewing Oatmeal Stout $5.50 +T&D

IBU: 30, Alc./Vol: 5.5%

This smooth mouth-feel with bittersweet roasted flavours will go great with a milk chocolate with hints of coffee. A mocha flavoured truffle would be ideal!






Four Winds Juxtapose Wild I.P.A $6.25 +T&D 

IBU: 50 Alc./Vol: 6.5%

This unfiltered multiple award winning brew is ‘the juxtaposition of ripe tropical fruit esters, with a moderately bitter but graceful finish.  The hard to pair IPA’s are best with a spicy chocolate to back up the hoppy bitterness, despite the number one beer pairing no-no! Pick up the widely available Lindt Chili Dark Chocolate bar to enjoy with this famous beer. Or go to your local Purdy’s chocolate shop and get the Pink Himalayan sea salt Chocolate Caramels!





Dead Frog Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout $6.00 +T&D

IBU: 24 Alc./Vol: 6.1% 

This gold medal winning creamy Milk Stout is brewed with 8 premium malts, roasted cocoa beans, and REAL peanut butter! This strong ale has a slightly sweet finish. Pair it with none other than a peanut butter cup! Our local Cotton’s Chocolates makes wicked handmade ones! There’s multiple recipes online that show how to make your own at home, this week calls for a little extra loving so valentine-ify your cups! ♥




Hearthstone Graham Cracker Ale 4 pack tall cans $12.25 +T&D 

This ale has a somewhat hilarious story behind the main flavouring ingredient: the graham cracker. In 1829 the graham cracker was invented in an attempt to cure the masturbation epidemic that was sweeping the nation. They add 50kg of graham crackers in each batch, resulting in notes of honey vanilla and all around graham goodness! 

So as they say on the can, ‘instead of knocking one out this Valentine’s day, how about knocking one back with Hearthstone!’ Pair it with any chocolate. Preferably in a heart shaped box to get in the v-day mood!


Wishing a lovely Valentine’s day to you from the staff at 30th street liquor store!

Xoxox, Chloe ♡ 


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