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Chloe Therrien
March 20, 2017 | Wine | Chloe Therrien

A new twist on the oldest style of alcohol in history!

“We never want to imagine a world without honey bees”

This organic, locally-owned, and very young meadery is a huge success after 15 years of hopes and dreams in Judie Barta’s mind. The wellness expert founded the company in 2009, and has made a cult following for their delicious line of everything honey can make! They make wine for people and with likeminded individuals who agree we all have to do our part for the bees!

The Queen Bee of the meadery Judie Barta has 18 years of experience in business development specializing in the wellness and wine industries. She has wealth of experience in the food and wine industries. She was only 19 years old when she started her first business!

They have been PACS Certified Organic, using only the best organic ingredients to create their wines, including certified organic honey from the Peace River District of Northern Alberta. Meadow Vista is the leading producer of quality honey wine/mead. Their wine maker, Dr. Alan Marks brings experience, dedication and passion to creating Canada’s first sparkling honey wine!

The People’s Choice for BEST WINERY at Winefest 2010 went to Kelowna’s very own MVHW in both Edmonton and Calgary. Where the ‘Cloud Horse’ was runner up for best White!

Go to for recipe ideas or visit the lovely staff; they’re located at 3975 June Springs Road, Kelowna, British Columbia!

We are proud distributors of Meadow Vista Honey Wines at 30th street liquor store, here’s what we have:


‘Cloud Horse’ Dry Honey Wine ~ $21.50 +T&D     13.2% Alc.

A dry crisp traditional style, Cloud Horse uses honey from a single flower source to make this award-winning wine. Aromas and flavours of honey, clover and bees wax give you a taste of Nature in a glass. Enjoy this excellent match with chicken and salad sandwiches, olives and fruit on a picnic watching the clouds float by….

Winemaking- As with all their wines, it was produced using organic honey. Only honey, pure water and yeast are used to showcase the purity of aroma and flavour. A slow fermentation in stainless steel is followed by a short aging with the yeast in the tank to add a dimension of creaminess and a lengthy finish.

Sensory Profile- Delicate clover aromas and flavours with a soft finish, and a hint of hazelnut on the palate.

Residual Sweetness- 3 g/L    pH- 3.4

Total acidity- 3 g/L   Serving Temperature- 8-10 degrees C Aging- Drink young, within one year of release.

‘Mabon’ Spiced Honey Wine ~ $21.50 +T&D   12.1% Alc. 

A warm and spicy metheglin style, mabon balances just the right amount of coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg with our farm honey. It is fermented at a cool temperature in stainless steel. The spices are added part way through the fermentation for a light, but apparent spicy boquet. Pairs well with goat cheese salad, herb encrusted lamb, and your favourite leather chair beside and evening fire.

Sensory profile- The aroma and flavour profile is highlighted by a blend of exotic spices in careful proportion not to over dominate the pure honey character. The spices add a pleasant warmth to the off-dry finish.

Residual Sweetness- 12 g/L  pH- 3.3

Total acidity- 4 g/L  Serving Temperature- 10-13 degrees C

Aging- 1-3 years, more aging results in more caramel aromas and complex spiciness.


‘Ostara’ Grape Honey Wine ~ $27.95 +T&D   11.1% Alc.

A floral, aromatic pyment style, Ostara blends late harvest wine grapes to subtly perfume this decadent honey wine. With a bouquet of apricot, honey and dried pineapple, your imagination will run with recipes that include soft cheese, stone fruit and white chocolate.






‘Cherry Bliss’ Sparkling Honey Wine ~ $14.45 +T&D   12.2% Alc.

Dark, juicy Okanagan cherries were added to give BLISS a beautiful blush colour, notes of cherry, plum and pinot noir. Delight in this bubbly with grilled foods such as seasonal veggies, meats and fruit. 

Serving Temperature-  Well Chilled! 7 degrees C.



‘Apple Bliss’ Sparkling Honey Wine ~ $14.45 +T&D   12.2% Alc.

Crisp, sweet, fresh, organic Okanagan apples were juiced and then added to give bliss apple cyser its golden hue and bright, fruit flavours.Pairs with smoked chicken and coleslaw, apple pie and mason jars filled with ice. Drink bliss apple cyser like cooler over ice with a twist or in a flute.

About Cysers ~ What’s the difference between cyser, cider and apple wine? Cider and apple wine use sugar to achieve sweetness and alcohol, cyser uses honey. We believe it is a healthier option but most importantly, a better flavour. Unique to Meadow Vista, we also do not ferment the apple juice. We achieve alcohol by fermenting honey, then add back our proprietary blend of fresh, organic apple juice. We love the results and are sure you will too!


Check back next week for more ‘boozy t’!!

Love, Chloe xoxox


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