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Brett Meier
April 15, 2014 | Brett Meier

A Season of Fun!

Wine club has been a great experience! I have helped set up, pour, inform and tackle whatever task is necessary to make each evening run smoothly. From Andrew Peller back I'm November, to The Mark Anthony Group last Tuesday, they have all been a worth while and fun experience!

The goal was to introduce our guests to the wonders of the locally produced wine of our beautiful Okanagan in a fun and informative way. The verdict? success! Thanks to the help of the amazing reps and Wine Makers that were involved we were able to create a great experience for our guests. Each tasting had its own flare and ran that little bit differently then the last, improving and refining. 

I can't thank the reps and Wine Makers involved enough, Dave, Mark, Debbie, Bruce, Nikki, Rodney, Trish, Jamie and Ricky have been more than helpful, understanding and informative through this entire season, it would not have been nearly as great were it not for them! We have one more event planned on April 29th by Kalala Organic Estate Winery to end the season with a bang! I hope that everyone that has attended had fun and I assure you that next season will be even better!


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