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Brett Meier
December 4, 2014 | Brett Meier

'Tis The Season

The craziness of Christmas starts early in the retail business. Planning, meetings, planning meetings, what to bring in, what to swap out, decorating... And that was only in November! 

Looking to try something new? Then you're in luck! We have set up a great number of offers throughout the month of December for you to find the hype this season! Each Friday we have a tasting of both, a different winery and a different spirit or beer brand! Alongside these great tastings remember Wine Wednesday with Tania and Sun.FM every week. The crew goes on at 8:30am and allows listeners to have a chance at winning the featured wine of the week, as well as try the wine itself with the in store tasting from 2-5pm the day of. 

If you can't make it to any of the excitement said above, make plans for one of our Wine Club Tasting Nights! For those that don't know, the tastings goes from 7pm - 9pm and always lands on a Wednesday. Each tasting we team up with a different winery, and pair each wine with one of Red Seal Chef Adam's brilliant culinary creations. It's an evening of fun, with great food, great wine and great company. Tickets to any of the events can be bought in advance online or in store at 30th Street Liquor Store or Monashee's Bar and Grill! 

So if your looking for something new this holiday season, or just looking for a suggestion to wow your guests, stop by 30th Street Liquor Store, your friends here are always glad to help! 


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